Affordable Energy Market Analysis

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Affordable Energy Market Analysis

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Oil Fundamental

Crude Production, Refinining Inputs, and stocks for an up to the minute fundamental analysis.

Refined Products

Gasoline, Distillate, Jet, Propylene, Fuel Oil Stocks for detailed fundamental analysis.

NaTURAL Gas & NGL Fundamental

Natural Gas Production, Demand, LNG Exports, Pipe Exports and Storage Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and RSI with daily technical sentiment.

Fact: Energy Professionals waste HOURs every day trying to find Accurate, Unbiased, and Objective Oil & Gas Analysis.

What other Choice do I have?

Continue to waste hours every day

Sign up to Services that cost $1,000-$10,000 per month

Give yourself THE affordable option and Go Rogue

Straight to your email!!  Energy Market Summarized in 5 minutes.  Energy Rogue™ provides ENERGY MARKET FACTS so that YOU are the EXPERT!

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Market Edge


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Frequently asked questions

We designed the basic plan to give you the basics for a “Cliff Notes” version for a quick basic view of the market.  This tells you WHERE WE ARE as opposed to WHERE WE ARE GOING…

We developed Market Edge for the busy energy industry individual.  This gives you fundamental and technical views into the the Oil, Gas, and NGL markets.  Delivered to your email every day – you get Manic Monday (Supply/Demand), Technical Tuesday (Technical Analysis), Wacky Wednesday (NGLs), Thursday Dude where’s the crude, and FINALLY Friday (Nat Gas).

Each Day, you get the energy market summary – that gives you the latest fundamental and technical data released to the market.
Each Day – you get our Market Edge email giving you the energy market summary.  PLUS – you get access to our Interactive Web Platform – with interactive technical analysis, interactive fundamental analysis, and detailed energy market information for Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and NGLs. 

This includes current pricing, forward pricing, calendar strip pricing, moving averages, macd, rsi, storage, stocks, supply, demand for each commodity.
We utilize a number of analytical models that we have constructed over the years. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Models, and automated programming – we want to bring the information to anyone that is interested in the energy markets.

No longer does your company have to subscribe for market intelligence – you have access to this so that YOU KNOW THE MARKETS!!!

Rogue Edge™ Members Say:

"In the past, I threw my hands up not knowing where the market will go - now I can actually PLAN MY BUSINESS for the future. I can offer discounts for longer deals since I can see the crude price will drop over time."
President - Service Company
"I thought Essential gave me everything I needed, but once I saw what I could access with Rogue Edge, it was everything I needed."
Vice President - Producer
"Being able to see not only where the market is, but where it is going helps me understand fuel prices and whether they will go up or down in the future. I can't plan my business without it!"
Crude Oil Transporter